Photo Safari - Conservators Center

Photo Safari

You may think you have to travel thousands of miles to capture a photograph of breathtaking wild animals like lions, tigers, leopards, and wolves, but you can go on a Photo Safari right here at the Center!

Whether you’re a first-time shutterbug, passionate hobbyist, or professional photographer, a Photo Safari at the Conservators Center is a thrilling experience and an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes to capture your very own one-of-a-kind images of our animals. During the tour, your trained and experienced guide will assist you in safely taking fence-free photographs.

Like all of our Private Tours, the Photo Safari puts you in charge—you set the pace and how much time you’d like to spend photographing each species. This experience also provides access to areas off the regular tour path, so you can be sure to get the perfect shot no matter where our residents are located in their enclosures.

Have Questions Please check our Tour FAQ! You can also send us an email from our Contact Us page, or give us a call at 888.650.1139.


  • For safety purposes, ALL participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Please note that, to ensure safety, only 1 or 2 individuals may be permitted to take photos at an enclosure at a time.
  • Need a hand with your equipment? You can rent our golf cart (including a driver), for an additional $10/hour.

We require an $80 deposit for your tour. After submitting your sign-up form, you will be directed to Paypal to pay the deposit. (No account is required.) 



  • Ages
  • Tour Length
  • Group Size
  • Details


$80/ hour

  • 18 and Up Only
  • 1 to 3 hours
  • Up to 3 People total on the Photo Safari
  • Discount available for Carolina Nature Photography Association members.

Additional Photographers

$60/ hour

  • 18 and Up Only
  • 1 to 3 hours
  • Up to 3 People total on the Photo Safari
  • Discount available for Carolina Nature Photography Association members.


$25/ hour

  • 18 and Up Only
  • 1 to 3 hours
  • Up to 3 People total on the Photo Safari
Send a message to our staff that handle Tours!
If you have not visited us before, we highly recommend coming out for one of our regularly scheduled public tours first so you will have an idea of where you'd like to spend your Safari time most.

Photographers often ask us what lenses we suggest they bring. One of our staff photographers recommends the following:
“When I go out to shoot, I bring my 28-80mm just in case, but usually stick with my 70-300mm for the majority of the session. Of course, our animals do move around and so there may be moments when they are too close for you to use the 70-300, but I have found that I am more successful overall while using that lens. Using anything longer than a 70-300 is usually way too close to capture successful shots. My lens diameters are 58mm, which is successful on enclosures where I may not have easy access to a photo hole. Typically anything wider is great for our photo holes, but can be a little more difficult if trying to shoot through standard sized chain link.”

Many people come on this with their cell phone cameras or point-and-shoot cameras which also do an amazing job capturing the experience.

Accessibility, Safety, and Pets

The Conservators Center's park is not wheelchair accessible; however, accessibility accommodations are available for visitors with mobility issues. Please note that we do not allow unauthorized vehicles, including scooters or motorized wheelchairs, in the park. You can find more information about disability accommodations and handicapped access in the Tour FAQ on our Plan Your Visit page. Please note that strollers are also not permitted in the park.

For safety reasons, the Conservators Center does not allow visitors to bring pets on site. Any visitor who brings an animal to the Center will be asked to leave immediately. We do not allow visitors to leave animals unattended in a vehicle at any time of year.