The Lynx Legacy continues!

 Photo by Kathy Patterson.

Photo by Kathy Patterson.

Announcing the arrival of Luga Lynx, following in the fluffy footsteps of our prior Lynx, Diego and Taz.   Luga is a gorgeous, substantial Eurasian Lynx who has lived his whole life as part of a breeding pair. When his mate passed away last spring, he became withdrawn. In spite of the staff’s best efforts, the facility where he lived was unable to get him to re-engage at his previous levels. In the zoological industry, facilities often work together to move animals into the best possible living situations, including addressing their mental health or social needs.  We are hoping the change of environment will help him reconnect with people.   He may have a companion or mate in the future, depending on many factors, including if he seems agreeable to it. Lynx can be very solitary.

After losing Taz Eurasian lynx and Diego Canada lynx, our family has been missing our Lynxes.  We are so excited to have a new member of the lynx family to help fill that niche in our park.

Luga is available for adoption!

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