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Lifetime Adoption

Tour guests often fall in love with particular animals and want to remain connected beyond their tour. That visitor interest spurred us to develop our beloved Lifetime Adoption program to establish a more meaningful relationship between Lifetime Adopters and their furry “children.”

Lifetime Adopters make an annual financial commitment to at least one of our animal residents. Our Adopters help support the care and enrich the quality of life for their adopted animal(s). Every week dozens of Adopters, some of whom are also Volunteers, spend time visiting with their adoptees, sometimes bringing gifts or engaging safely with their chosen animals in other ways. One couple brings a guitar to play for their lions; another sits nearby and shares an animated conversation with the many geriatric residents housed near her tiger. Some Adopters live too far away to visit often, if ever, but they get updates on their chosen animal, and sometimes send gifts like a heated water dish for winter, or a new swimming pool tub for springtime. Adopters also often are among the first to respond to larger, specific needs, such as additional donations to upgrade or build new habitats or buildings.

Adoption Benefits

  • Unlimited free admissions for Adventure Tours
    for the adopter
  • Discount on Specialty and Photography Tours
  • Discount on special events hosted by
    the Conservators Center
  • 10% off all Conservators Center merchandise
  • An Adopter Name Tag at your animal's enclosure

Meet Your New Best Friend


Adoption Benefits

As a Lifetime Adopter, you can form a special relationship with the animal you choose to support. Adoptions sponsor your animal and help to cover the costs of veterinary care, special diets, and unique enrichment. Adoption comes with a number of benefits; the most important of all is the relationship you’re able to build with your new family member.

Your adopted animal will grow to love spending time with you on your Adopter Visits to the Center. Adopters get to spend one-on-one time with members of the Center’s staff to learn more about their adopted animal and how to offer them treats, toys, and scent enrichment. The animals who live at the Center pay close attention to the comings and goings of their staff and visitors. If they have formed enough of a bond with you, the animals you come to see may call out when you arrive, or you may find them already waiting for you in your favorite visiting space.

When you adopt, you’ll receive an adoption certificate and an 8×10″ photograph of your animal. All adoption fees are 100% tax deductible and the Center will send you an annual donation letter by request for your tax preparation purposes.




  • Africa
  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Australia
  • Domestic



  • Lion, Leopard, and Lemur
  • Tiger
  • Wolf and Coyote



  • Serval, Caracal, Fennec Fox,
    Jungle Cat, and Genet
  • Binturong, and Eurasian Lynx
  • Arctic Fox, Bobcat, and Ocelot
  • Kinkajou and Geoffroy’s Cat
  • New Guinea Singing Dog and Dingo
  • Chausies & Domestic Cats; Spaulding Dog

Meet Your Match

It might just be the most difficult decision you'll make all year!

Many of our Lifetime Adopters come to the Conservators Center intent on joining this special community but aren't quite sure which of our residents will be right for them. In order to help Adopters decide, we offer a Meet Your Match program during the checkout process for a Large Animal Adoption or Small Animal Adoption. Potential adopters may have a Meet Your Match visit prior to choosing an animal during which they will work with one of our staff members to find the right fit for their new family member.

Ready to adopt, but aren't sure whether to adopt a large animal or small animal? Or are you planning to adopt more than one?