Maru Binturong (Photo by Kim Pernicka)

Photo by Kim Pernicka.

Nearly 90 exotic animals representing more than 20 species have found a safe and loving home at the Conservators Center in Burlington, NC—including one of the largest population of lions and big cats in the southeast.

Our residents come from a wide range of situations and places. Some arrive young and healthy, some elderly or ill, and some are even born here. Though each animal has a unique story and personality – with their own likes, habits, and needs – they have one thing in common: they are all valued, loved, and well cared for at the Conservators Center.

We invite you to get to know our individual residents by reading their stories.

Thanks to the unbelievable support of a wonderful community, we have created a haven where each animal can feel safe, content, and happy. We are continuously working to provide our residents with enriched lives and the highest quality of care.

However, caring for a wide variety of species and individuals is not easy. In addition to constantly updating and upgrading enclosure space and medical care as new technologies emerge, we must also readily adapt for inclement weather, address emergent needs for specific animals, and face the ongoing pressure of limited funding.

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Every dollar you spend at the Conservators Center—be it in on items in our gift shop, donations, or by visiting us—goes directly to benefit the animals in our care and support the mission of the Conservators Center.

Whether you visit us, donate to the cause, or volunteer your time and energy, our animals have the power to transform lives through relationships few humans ever experience. The lessons they teach us can change the world.

Are you interested in building a bond with a specific animal? Learn more about becoming a Lifetime Adopter.