Michael adopts Cookie and Jeremiah Lemurs. When he visits he brings them tasty treats! Photo by Kim Barker

Michael adopts Cookie and Jeremiah Lemurs. When he visits he brings them tasty treats!
Photo by Kim Barker

As a Lifetime Adopter, you can form a special relationship with the animal you choose to support. Adoptions are renewable every year, and are intended to last for the lifetime of your animal. After you adopt, you can schedule times to visit your chosen animal. Lifetime Adopters aren’t literally adopting an animal to take home, but you will feel as if you’ve gained a family member.

Lifetime Adoption Benefits:

  • Adoption certificate featuring your animal
  • 8×10 photo print of your animal
  • Unlimited free admissions for Educational Tours for the adopter
  • Discount on Specialty and Photography Tours
  • Discount on special events hosted by the Conservators Center
  • 10% off all Conservators Center merchandise
  • Sign with the names of the adopters (may include up to five names) can be displayed on your animal’s enclosure
  • You will be offered the opportunity to work with a staff member to learn how to properly provide enrichment and feed treats to your animal
  • Adoptions are 100% tax deductible.

In addition, Lifetime Adopters are invited to Parents’ Day, which is held periodically throughout the year.

Choosing an animal for Adoption:

Kate adopts Ugmo Lion but also loves to share treats with Ugmo's roommate, Kiara. Photo by Caleb Smallwood

When long-time volunteer Kate DeBruin visits her adopted animals, she always shares treats with Kiara!
Photo by Caleb Smallwood.

Many of our Lifetime Adopters knew they wanted to become part of the Conservators Center community, but were not sure which animal would be the right fit. In order to help potential Adopters decide, we offer a Meet Your Match program. Potential Adopters are invited to a complimentary visit, during which they will work with one of our staff members to determine who they would like to Adopt. Because we have such a limited staff, we do ask that you schedule a Meet Your Match only if you are seriously considering the Lifetime Adoption program.

Want to Meet Your Match? You can sign up to adopt and select “Meet your Match.” If you have any questions about adoption, please email us through adoption@conservatorscenter.org

Click here to adopt one of the Smaller Cats & other Unique Species.

Your options include Servals, Caracals, Genet, Binturongs, Jungle Cats, Fennec Foxes, Arctic Fox, Bobcats, Eurasian Lynx, Ocelot, Kinajous, Geoffroy’s Cats, New Guinea Singing Dogs, and Dingos.

Click here to adopt one of the Large Cats, Wolves, Coyote, & Lemurs.

Your options include Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Wolves, Coyote, and Lemurs.