Conservators Center Wish List

Provided by Our Awesome Animal Keepers

Our keepers have provided specific guidance about the brands they prefer, and have included notes about how they use the products. The list below are items that can be purchased and shipped to us or dropped off during a scheduled visit. You can also purchase items for our animals directly through our Amazon Wish List!

Dry Dog Food – Taste of the Wild (Venison)

This is the favorite of our New Guinea Singing Dogs.

Pedigree Wet Dog Food – Pate – Chicken and/or Beef   and  Zupreem Wet Cat Food

We use these as a treat to administer medications or supplements.

Lysol or Chlorox Disinfecting Wipes

These help keep our field kitchen clean and safe.

Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges

This is a yellow sponge with a green scouring pad on one side. We use these every day when we clean animal food bowls.

Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scouring Pads

This is a thin green pad we use every day when we clean animal water bowls.

All (brand) Free and Clear HE Laundry Detergent

We use this to wash animal blankets and the many towels we use in the field kitchen during daily clean up.

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

We use this for cleaning animal bowls every day.

Liquid hand soap

We prefer those that are not antibiotic, and that are not scented. We wash our hands a lot and it’s best not to have scent on our hands when we are working with the animals.

Outdoor extension cords

12 or 14 gauge, 25 feet to 100 feet. We use these for animal heaters, heated water bowls, fans to keep some of the animals cool in the summer, and construction tools.

Paper Towels

We use many paper towels cleaning up in our animal food prep area. No particular brands are preferred.

Quick Pick up List for the Center:

Unused ink pens
Forever Stamps
Paper Towels
Heavy Duty Trash Bags
Tall Kitchen Trash Bags
Windex Glass Cleaner
Cutting boards
Sharp knives
Printer Paper