Chausie - Conservators Center
Domestic Cat
30 April 2017

Not Classified by the IUCN.


Felis catus × Felis chaus
(Domestic hybrid)

The chausie, Felis catus x Felis chaus, is considered a domestic breed of cat that began by breeding domestic cats, Felis catus, with the small wild cat known as the jungle cat or reed catFelis chaus. Within the domestic breeds, the chausie is categorized as a “non-domestic source breed” by The International Cat Association. In that regard, the bengal and the savannah cat are similarly classified.

Though only recently recognized officially by breed clubs, the chausie has been developed as a breed for centuries and dates back to the ancient Egyptian empire.

An athletic and active breed, chausies are constantly in motion. Sociable in nature and often described as good natured and affectionate, the breed is commonly heard to portray an uncommon trait for cats: fetching. Their high level of intelligence and need for stimulation demands a high level of involvement from human companions. The chausie’s gregarious nature also makes for a very strong bond with their families.

Chausies are typically larger than standard domestic cats and take after the jungle cat in overall appearance. Due to their non-domestic nature, careful consideration must be made for their diets as they can develop allergic responses to commercially available and processed foods.

This breed is not recommended for beginners.

Meet the Conservators Center's Chausies and Bengal