Ohio Rescue story - Conservators Center

Ohio Rescue Story

In 2004 we housed small carnivores and 3 tigers. That year we were contacted by the USDA about taking in 14 lions and tigers that came from a facility in Ohio that was being shut down by the local government. We agreed to take in 4 big cats and temporarily house the others until the facility that had agreed to take them could build enclosures at a new property. That facility agreed to provide funds for food and necessary enclosure materials for this temporary arrangement. Within days of the cats’ arrival, the owner of the other facility became extremely ill and had to withdraw from our agreement. We chose to accept the cats anyways.

The biggest surprise came after they arrived when we discovered 4 of the females were pregnant. Within a number of months we had 15 cubs born at the Center. When Wic and Freya Tiger’s siblings were about 2 years old, they went on long term loan to the Greensboro Science Center. We decided to keep the rest of the cubs because we were not certain that the options for placements we had would be permanent situations. We knew this meant launching a new business plan that included opening to the public and widening our scope of the education portion of our mission. At that time there were a number of situations where big cats needed to be relocated however thankfully today regulations and enforcement is much better and the need has decreased for emergency placements.