Our Mission: Reconnecting people with wildlife

The Conservators Center reconnects people with wildlife by introducing visitors to rare, threatened, and endangered species—up close and personal. The conservancy’s animal residents serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts: You are more likely to become invested in these species after you meet them and learn about their inherent value. Looking a tiger in the eye, hearing lions call to one another, howling with wolves, and meeting a binturong for the first time will forever change your perspective. You protect what you know.

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Photo by Nathan Schepker

Tres Ocelot Photo by Nathan Schepker

Meet Our Animals

Our animals come to us from a variety of situations. Some of our much older animal residents came to us from dire negligent circumstances, or as an alternative to euthanasia. However, many more of our residents were well cared for at their previous homes, but simply needed a different living situation; some were retired to us from other reputable zoological programs; and a handful of our smaller cats were owned by individuals who entrusted us with their care when their circumstances changed. We are proud to be a haven for animals from all origins.

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Meet Our People

On any given day, the paths of the Conservators Center bustle with activity, conversation, laughter, and friendship at every turn. The residents who live here seem to know they are protected and adored by this diverse group of people. In addition to an army of faithful volunteers—whose dedication and efforts are critical to our operations—the Conservators Center employs a small staff of about 20 full-time and part-time employees, including contract staff and volunteer tour guides.


Meet Our Veterinarians

It takes a surprising variety of skills, talents, and specialties to care for just one animal at the Conservators Center… and it is our responsibility and privilege to care for over 80! We are proud of the wonderful relationships we have with the veterinarians who assist us in providing high-quality healthcare for each of our residents.


Meet Our Partners

Partners of the Pride are the businesses, organizations, and community groups that contribute to and collaborate with the Conservators Center to further our mission, care for our animals, and help secure a future for these incredible species. We would not be successful without the support of these incredible partners. Please consider supporting the businesses, organizations, and community groups that support the animals at the Conservators Center!


Our Annual Report

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We frequently hear from visitors that they were surprised to discover us as they had not heard of us before. We are working to increase our visibility by coordinating with local news stations and publications to publish articles and PSAs. Check out our stories here!