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17 August 2019
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All About Arya Bobcat!

September’s spotlight is on this agile and graceful bobcat! We’d like to help you learn more about her so that you can decide how you’d like to support her.

Arya came from Texas, when a dog found her in the wild and brought her home. She was sent to a wildlife rehabilitation facility and then transferred to the Center in 2016.

Arya lives with Muraco Bobcat, but is easily distinguishable by her reddish coat – a perfect adaptation to her native habitat in Texas. Like all bobcats, she develops a furry “beard” or scruff around her face in the chillier months.

Like her namesake — the secretive, sly, and lively little girl from Game of Thrones — this agile cat loves to zoom around her enclosure, through her tunnel, and from platform to platform. Our Arya, however, is far more friendly! She will appear next to someone in a fraction of a second for a treat or just to present her tail, as bobcats do, in greeting.

About Lifetime Adoption…

As Arya’s Lifetime Adopter, you’ll contribute to our mission on a recurring basis and, in return, develop a relationship with Arya. What does that entail? Spending time in her company and learning all about her care. Read more about Lifetime Adoption here!

And if you’re not able to make the commitment, never fear…you can help Arya in a few other ways:

  • Sponsor Arya! This is a one-time contribution to our mission that makes a great gift: you or a loved one will receive a packet all about Arya and her species. At higher donation tiers, we’ll even throw in some Adventure Tour tickets!
  • Donating food and supplies (our most important ongoing needs) is quick and easy by browsing our Wish Lists!