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16 May 2019
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20 June 2019

Our Wolf Pack is Growing and So Are We!

June 6, 2019

We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of two gorgeous British Columbian wolf pups. This brother and sister pair is not quite 8 weeks old and absolutely brimming with moxie and sweet skunky puppy breath. While they’re still so young and settling in, visits will be limited, but we’ll keep everyone posted on when they’ll be viewable.

The pups are nameless for now, because we want YOU to be involved! You can vote on their new names by visiting our Facebook post here or vote in person by visiting our gift shop!

Speaking of names, we’re making a change to our organization’s name. We’re excited to announce a new name, a refreshed look, and exciting new changes we’re making to our organization as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. We are still the Conservators Center, and we’ll expand on what that means later on. Our Animal Park, the place you visit to see 20 species of incredible animal ambassadors, is one visible part of a larger whole that encompasses all of our work.

For years, we have participated in industry and educational collaborations around the world. When we learn something new, whether about a specific animal or species, animal husbandry in general, zoo safety, legislation that affects zoological facilities, nonprofit operations, or anything else pertaining to this industry, we share it. Our educational collaborations allow us to constantly raise the bar of industry standards and animal care. Our staff regularly participates in industry conferences, including the Felid Taxon Advisory Group, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Zoological Association of America, the Feline Conservation Federation, and many other short-term or regional collaborations, symposia, and seminars. This is what the Conservators Center is: industry-wide and public advocacy for species that are at risk. We look forward to sharing more about this work on a regular basis.

Our Animal Park is where the care and passion for these species becomes tangible and viewable to the public. When you visit the Animal Park, you are seeing authentic, holistic, science-based husbandry for more than 80 animals representing 20 species, both exotic and native. All of our tours are led by a trained and knowledgeable guide who teaches visitors about the ins-and-outs of diet, enrichment, animal health, training, and more while also sharing information about the species we house and the elements threatening their continued survival in the wild. You’ll learn about animals’ natural behaviors and how we work hard every day to keep them all engaged, content, and healthy in human care. We believe in educating about wildlife, caring for animals, and advocating for species.

We also believe in providing a place to have fun while you learn something new! That’s why we organize exciting community events, created our Education Room with fun indoor animals (seriously, have you seen Delilah Flemish Giant Rabbit? She’s the cutest), and are planning new ways to foster a family-friendly, fun environment for everyone to enjoy.

As we embark on this new chapter of our story, we remember that we could not do so without the dedicated support of our community of volunteers, donors, and visitors. We thank you all for everything you do for our organization and our animals. We’re grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to share our work and mission with you and your families for two decades, and look forward to what the future holds for all of us.