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17 December 2018
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10 April 2019

All About Tut Fennec Fox!

February's spotlight is on this unbelievably cute little guy.
We'd like to help you get to know him so that you can decide how you'd like to support him.

Born in 2013, Tut was kept as a pet, and suffered injuries to his jaw, muzzle, and legs caused by a dog attack. He was surrendered to a vet in Virginia and, after Tut received three separate surgeries to repair the damage, the vet contacted us about providing him a forever home, and it has been our pleasure to take loving care of him since June 2014.

Now, fully recovered, Tut is a little bundle of energy whose impressively large ears make his tiny body look even smaller.

A very rambunctious fennec, Tut loves chasing feathered objects, tussling with stuffed animals, and rearranging his toys into the perfect pile. Tut has even developed his own game that involves seizing a toy, throwing it as high as he can, racing around trying to catch it, and finishing with a spectacular barrel roll. He’s like a fox-shaped bolt of lightning, and we get tired just watching him!


About Lifetime Adoption

As Tut's Lifetime Adopter, you’ll contribute to our mission on a recurring basis and, in return, develop a relationship with Tut. What does that entail? Spending time in his company and feeding him treats, of course. Read more about Lifetime Adoption here!

And if you’re not able to make the commitment, never can help Tut in a few other ways:

  • Sponsor Tut! This is a one-time contribution to our mission that makes a great gift: you or a loved one will receive a packet all about Tut and his species. At higher donation tiers, we’ll even throw in some Adventure Tour tickets!

  • Donating food and supplies (our most important ongoing needs) is quick and easy with our Amazon Wishlist ( When purchased through the Wishlist, items are delivered right to our door! How easy is that?