Welcome, Hagen New Guinea Singing Dog - Conservators Center
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15 October 2018
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7 December 2018

Welcome, Hagan New Guinea Singing Dog!

We have a new singer in the chorus!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Hagen, our newest New Guinea Singing Dog! Hagen was born in Tampa Bay in 2008 and in 2011 began his adventures as an animal ambassador and performer at the Columbus Zoo. Last year, he was transferred to perform as part of a traveling show team, until finally he was donated to us! We are so honored to be able to provide a loving home to this incredible Singing Dog.

He has already made his mark in our "symphony" here at the Center, with his distinctive, throaty song standing out among the other Singing Dogs. We hope that he will find companionship with Samara NGSD, and so far they seem very interested in each other! As they get to know each other, we'll be keeping a close eye on them to make sure their natural behaviors make them excellent, compatible partners.