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Winter in the Wild Tours

Winter evenings are an amazing time to visit the animals at the the Conservators Center. As the weather grows cooler, join us in celebrating the season by coming on a Winter in the Wild Tour! In the wintertime, our wolves don their beautiful, thick coats and all of the animal residents are energized by the brisk temperatures. Our critters often show off their silly and playful personalities, and you’ll even meet lions, tigers, caracals, binturongs, lynxes, and more by the warm glow of holiday lights that turn our wildlife park into a wonderland of awe-inspiring sights and sounds! Take a twilight stroll through our paths with an experienced tour guide. Enjoy the opportunity to see more than 20 species of exotic animals at a time of day and a time of year when they are the most animated.

We have designed two tours that offer a unique experience and are engineered for different ages or families. Choose the Family tour for an adventure with young children or those who prefer a shorter outing. Choose the Adult tour for a date night with a special someone, an exciting evening out with friends, or for you and your older teenage children. Either way, Winter in the Wild is sure to be a seasonal delight you won’t soon forget!

A seasonal twilight experience—complete with hot chocolate!

Family Winter in the Wild tours last approximately 1 - 1.5 hours and are designed for ages 5 and up.

Adult Winter in the Wild tours last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and content is designed for adults. In addition, Adult Winter in the Wild tours partially take place in the dark and participants are expected to follow strict rules of behavior and conduct. For these reasons, the Center has limited the age of participants to 14 and up.

Select dates in November and December

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Weather Policy

Our tours are rain or shine; we do not generally cancel for light rain. However, in the event of dangerous weather, we will do our best to determine whether tours will be cancelled 24 hours prior to the start time. If tours are cancelled, you will receive an email and a phone call/voicemail via the contact information you provide during reservation. In the event of cancellation, you may transfer your reservation to an alternate day. Tickets are non-refundable.