Welcome, Wonder Ring-Tailed Lemur! - Conservators Center
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24 July 2018
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1 August 2018

Welcome, Wonder Ring-Tailed Lemur!

We have a new little lemur girl, and we're already in love!

Wonder Ring-tailed Lemur came to us from another facility to become a companion for Jeremiah Ring-tailed Lemur. She lost her left arm to an injury when she was young, and often had trouble fitting in with a full troop of lemurs. The staff at her previous facility noticed that the other females were picking on her and decided it would be in her best interest if she had a new living arrangement, perhaps with a single male. Fortunately, she and Jeremiah connected immediately!

With her petite, girl-like figure, Wonder is very adorable and an instant hit with visitors. While she’s still getting used to her new surroundings, we have noticed that she is very curious; she particularly seems to enjoy watching guests and staff with her honey-brown eyes. She also spends a lot of time following Jeremiah, who is happy to groom her.