Remembering Luna Jungle Cat - Conservators Center
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18 June 2018
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24 July 2018

Remembering Luna Jungle Cat

We are saddened to announce the passing of our favorite black cat...

Luna developed a cough recently, and we took her to the vet to have that examined. Unfortunately, the vet discovered a large, invasive tumor in Luna's abdomen, among other issues. Despite the vet's best efforts, Luna passed. Later, the vet confirmed with us that Luna had cancer.

Though she was only with us for a short while, we are happy for the time we had with her, and we are glad we have photos and videos to remember her by. She was shy and deliberate, but exhibited an adorable, delightful personality we are thankful we got to know.

Additionally, samples of Luna's cancer cells will be used for cancer research as part of a larger collaborative effort to benefit both animals and humans. It's a comfort to us here at the Center that, though Luna is gone, she will still positively affect the lives of many. We hope it is a comfort to you all as well.