Join us for our fall Girl Scout Day! - Conservators Center
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29 May 2018
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9 July 2018

Join us for our fall Girl Scout Day!

Our Girl Scout Day on September 15th will rock the house!

Over 300 Girl Scouts and troop leaders attended our spring Girl Scout we're bringing it back this fall!

Girl Scout Day is special to the Center: this is the 8th Girl Scout Day at the Center in 3 years. Our executive director Mindy Stinner believes it is special to the young women who visit as well.

“We particularly enjoy educating young people, and we think our residents especially enjoy the positive energy and enthusiasm young people bring to the park,” our Executive Director, Mindy Stinner, said. “Our animals are highly accustomed to visitors, so the Scouts see many of them playing or checking out their visitors from only about five feet away.”

In the past, Scouts were able to explore the park on a scavenger hunt, make s’mores, and create toys for the animals. However, staff at the Center organized spring’s Girl Scout Day in a new format: each Scout toured the park with trained guides, examined real animal fur and paw castings, and even earned a special Conservators Center patch.

“We want to ensure we are always changing this event to offer new experiences. Every girl should have a unique, memorable and educational experience, even if they have attended Girl Scout Day here in years past. I’m watching a lot of young ladies enjoying learning about science and getting excited about wildlife conservation. That’s what we love to see!” Mindy adds.

Our fall Girl Scout Day will run quite the same as spring's! If you missed our spring Girl Scout Day, find out more and register here!