Remembering Cookie Ring-tailed Lemur - Conservators Center
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7 May 2018
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18 June 2018

Remembering Cookie Ring-tailed Lemur

We are saddened to announce the passing of our lovely lemur girl...

Our precious Cookie was not feeling well a few days ago, so our veterinarian agreed to have her come in for an urgent care visit. He eventually discovered an issue with Cookie’s intestines. In spite of his best efforts to save her life, she passed away.

Cookie arrived at the Center years ago as a companion for Jeremiah Ring-tailed Lemur, and her in-charge, girl-power attitude certainly inspired lots of laughter among our guests. It is heartbreaking to think we will never again see her adorably wide-eyed expression or hear her delightful coo, but we will take comfort in the fact that Cookie touched the hearts, minds, and funny bones of thousands during her life.

Ring-tailed lemurs are social creatures in general, so we will be addressing Jeremiah's need for a companion, but we will have to give careful consideration to making the right choice for him. It will take us some time.