Lions, Tigers, and Beer... - Conservators Center
Welcome Ice Lioness!
2 May 2018
Remembering Cookie Ring-tailed Lemur
29 May 2018

Lions, Tigers, and Beer was full of good cheer!

'Fun' was one way to describe our May 4th benefit...

The Center raised $7000 with Lions, Tigers, and Beer...

On the night of the benefit, our 80 guests moved between six refreshment stations that each served unique chef-prepared plates and a paired beer provided by independent breweries, all inspired by one of our species. Because of the our strong commitment to community rapport, we specifically looked to local breweries and restaurants to create the evening's dishes. This event also included a tour of the animal park for our guests!

Our Executive Director, Mindy Stinner, says, "This is the second year we’ve hosted this event -- it was such a success last year, and we were pleased to see it do well this year, too. The chefs and brewmasters were very thoughtful in their pairings and really gave consideration to the animals inspiring the flavors. It was especially exciting to see all the new faces among the guests. Those are the people we hope become lifelong supporters and friends."

Besides the attendees, we'd like to thank the Tabletop Media Group for coordinating the event, and especially Eric Meyers, owner of Hillsborough's Mystery Brewing Company and long-time supporter of the Center, for originally conceptualizing it and pulling together our chefs and breweries!

Summer is a busy time here at the Conservators Center. Those interested in a tour of the animal park can click here for more information!