Welcome Ice Lioness! - Conservators Center
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2 May 2018
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7 May 2018

Meet Ice Lioness!

Our first new big cat in over 10 years...

Meet our friendly new feline lady...and maybe sponsor or adopt her?

The name “Ice” is a definite misnomer for this sweet lioness who arrived at the Center to become a companion for our male lion, Matthai. Rather than cold and standoffish, as her name might suggest, Ice is one of the most outwardly affectionate and gregarious lions the Center has ever housed! Her friendly, playful nature is sure to warm your heart after just one meeting, and once you spend some quality time with this charming girl, the bond will be difficult to break.

Ice has already earned a name for herself as the Center’s show girl, bounding to the very edge of her enclosure anytime a person or tour group walks by, clearly showing off her sleek shape and precious face and demanding attention from her admirers. One of Ice’s favorite activities (other than napping, of course!) is a scavenger hunt for food. She clearly gets a kick out of romping around her enclosure to track down every last piece of meat that her keepers have hidden, and the energy with which she engages in the hunt is contagious!