Our Winter Arrivals: Part 2 - Conservators Center
Our Winter Arrivals: Part 1
1 April 2018
80 animals…over 300 Girl Scouts…1 day!
2 May 2018

Have you met these new residents?

They're available for sponsorship and Lifetime Adoption!

Welcome to Aten Jungle Cat!

Handsome Aten shines like the Egyptian sun god he was named after. The name “Aten” is derived from Egyptian mythology, paying tribute to the sun god whose solar energy was thought to be the source of all life. Aten was hand-reared at his previous home, so he is very social and bursting at the seams with a playful energy he just can’t wait to express. Whether it’s a wiffle ball or a box full of scented straw, this boisterous youngster will tackle and play with any new enrichment item like it’s his most favorite toy every time. Young Aten will be moving in with Ezebert Jungle Cat shortly; we are hopeful that a new, youthful companion will excite Ms. Ez, who, though much older than Aten, is still full of girlish antics!

...and to Annika Eurasian Lynx!

Annika is dainty Eurasian Lynx who has arrived at the Conservators Center to be a companion for one of our male lynxes, Luga. Luga spent the majority of his life as part of a breeding pair at his previous facility. Unfortunately, when his mate passed away, he became withdrawn and lost interest in the staff and guests who would visit him on a daily basis. Since coming to us in January 2017, Luga has regained some of his original spark, but he does not seem to be as interested in his two-legged friends as we think he would be with a member of his own kind. In order to provide Luga with the highest quality of life, we have decided to introduce Annika as a companion for him. We are hopeful that Annika’s sweet and charming personality will complement Luga’s stoic disposition and bring some extra light into the life of our gentleman bachelor lynx.