Our Winter Arrivals: Part 1 - Conservators Center
The best benefit of the year…is here!
1 April 2018
Our Winter Arrivals: Part 2
1 April 2018

Have you met these new residents?

They're available for sponsorship and Lifetime Adoption!

Say 'hello' to Nyasha Serval...

Six-year-old Nyasha Serval started as an animal ambassador doing educational programs. When she outgrew that interest, and when her owner relocated to become a staff member at Center, Nyasha came with her. Since that staff member spends a lot of time here, she made the decision to move Nyasha and her companion, Odin, to the Center. She continues to contribute to Nyasha and Odin’s care daily.

Reserved Nyasha takes a while to warm up to people, but once she decides she likes you, she really likes you! You could coax her out of her shell and become her Lifetime Adopter or sponsor today.


The extremely petite Nyasha Serval is a wonderful addition to our wild family.


Odin Serval is named for the Norse god of wisdom and magic...and he'll certainly capture your heart.

...and to her roommate, Odin Serval!

Born in 2013, Odin Serval started life as an illegal pet and was eventually rehomed with a staff member of the Conservators Center who is a USDA-licensed exhibitor and experienced animal handler. His very best friend in the world is Nyasha, with whom he cuddles often. (Read more about Odin's eventual move to the Center in Nyasha's bio!)

Odin's other new best friend could be you! Remember that he is available to adopt or sponsor -- see the links above!