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25 November 2017

Calvin Lion at Tree Toss 2018!

Big Tree Toss Thanks!

If you couldn’t make it to Tree Toss this year, friend, we’re sorry to have missed you!

The good news? Both of our events went wonderfully. Over 450 people attended. That’s over 450 people who supported our animals and our mission…and over 450 people who roared in the new year in the most fun, most wild way possible!

Kiara Lioness at Tree Toss 2018!

Kiara Lioness took a big CHOMP out of her Tree Toss treats!

The media loved us…

A few local news outlets featured Tree Toss — something that’s always exciting for us! We enjoy when we’re able to get the word out about our residents, educate the public, and potentially reach new supporters, fans, and friends.

Where did we feature, you ask?

  • Our second Tree Toss popped up in the Burlington Times-News, courtesy of reporter Jessica Williams! Take a look at the article and the accompanying pictures and video, both of which we just adore.
  • Our first Tree Toss appeared in the Mebane Enterprise. We (and our residents) were featured in an article and a really awesome video. Thank you, Bailey Pennington, for writing about us!

Our community also spotted us on Time Warner Spectrum News a few weeks ago after one of their wonderful cameramen, Randall Maynard, came to film our first Tree Toss. We hope everyone out there appreciated these positive Center stories as much as we appreciated the spotlight!

Muraco Bobcat at Tree Toss 2018!

Muraco Bobcat dove in and out of boxes, his favorite toy ever.

…and visitors did, too!

Another impressive thing about our Tree Toss events this year? Bloggers wrote about us! It’s always so delightful when our visitors share their experiences with the world.

Take a look and share these two posts around:

We’re all about guests connecting with our animals, so please, if you have a Conservators Center story — from Tree Toss or otherwise — let us know!

Kim Barker and Carson Serval at Tree Toss 2018.

Our experienced serval handler, Kim Barker, spoke to interested audiences about the importance of socialization.

Help us in giving thanks!

Now that Tree Toss is over for the year, we’d like to give another big thankful ‘oof’ to the people who made it happen — like our guests! We’re so grateful for everyone who attended. Every visit supports our animals and our mission!

We’d also like to thank our partners, Mystery Brewing Company and Iron Gate Vineyards; our sponsors, The Angus Barn, Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals, Avian and Exotic Animal Care, All Pets Considered, Aiko McLaughlin Salon, and Grand Storage Of Vinton; Porchetta for serving the most delicious food ever; and, of course, Cranberry Tree Farm, without whom there would be no Tree Toss.

It truly warms our hearts to know we have such a wonderful community surrounding us. 2018 is going to be amazing with this much love all around!