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17 November 2017
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17 January 2018

A lion being fed a treat.

We have a question, friend...

Haven’t you ever wanted to feed a lion or a tiger?

Of course you have! To look a big cat in the eyes and really understand its might…that would be the dream, wouldn’t it?

“But,” you’ve probably thought, “I’d want to do it safely, and to support a good cause, and to the benefit of the animal…”

Enter our Feed a Tiger and Feed A Lion experiences.

When you purchase this tour add-on, you and five other visitors will get to feed one of our tigers or lions after your tour.

One of our experienced tour guides will help you give treats to one of our residents from just a few feet away. (Or, rather, we call them treats: it’s actually a part of the animals’ diet for the day. Don’t tell them!)

Our animals love the attention, and it helps them remain happy and content. We call interactions like this “socialization.” It’s fun, but most importantly, it’s necessary for their well-being.

Calvin Lion, Freya Tiger, and all your other favorite big cats see humans every day. When we give them treats, it continues to show them that we are trustworthy and friendly…much like silly butlers.

And if you want this experience to be private…we totally understand.

You can have a private treat-feeding experience, too. Have a little lunch date between you, your friends, Arthur Tiger, Kira Lioness, or our other cat residents!

All proceeds go towards our mission and our animals, as always. Have fun…have a unique experience…and help us educate everyone we meet about our beautiful residents.

Treat Feed Experience with a tiger

Learn more about our Feed A Lion and Feed A Tiger experiences here!