Feel Amazing This Winter: How To Help Our Animals
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23 September 2017
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Kira Lioness among icy branches

Feel Amazing This Winter: How To Help Our Animals

Feel good this holiday season and contribute to our Winter Campaign!

There are few things more stunning than the Center at this time of year.

Winter, however, poses many challenges to the animals who are not as naturally prepared for it.

Some of our animals are from tropical regions, and they must remain indoors when the temperature drops. The lemurs, kinkajous, binturongs, and genet all have their own winter quarters to nestle down in during any cold snaps.

Less sensitive animals still need heated, insulated dens in which to stay dry and warm during cold spells.

It takes a lot of preparation, which is why we are asking you, today, to contribute to our winter fund.

Freya Tiger stretching in the snow

Not all of our animals are as well-adapted to the winter weather as Freya Tiger.

The Conservators Center has access to so many amazing resources — heated den boxes, heated water bowls, blankets, insulation, straw bedding, and more — thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

Did you know each heated water bucket costs $80?

That building an insulated den box to keep a smaller animal resident warm can cost up to $500?

We’d like your help to ameliorate these costs.

Sullivan Coyote in the snow

Sullivan Coyote loves the snow — but he also likes knowing he can return to his warm den when he has had enough!

Please donate to our winter fund today.

You can make a difference to animals and people like:

  • Tut and Wendy Fennec Foxes, who depend on their heated indoor palace to keep them comfortable all winter;
  • Jeremiah and Cookie Lemurs, who get fresh bedding delivered every day by trained keeper staff, along with amazing fruit and veggie salads for lunch;
  • our keeper staff and volunteers, who need to have proper equipment so they do not slip on the ice and can take care of our gorgeous residents each and every day.

Your support, the foundation our community provides us, goes well beyond its dollar value. It tells us that you approve of the work we do on behalf of the animals, and in giving back to our community through education.

We thank you, as always, for your dedication.

Donate now to our winter campaign.