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7 October 2017
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16 December 2017

Volunteer Jeremy Gillow landscaping.

A Volunteer 'Ninja' Lurking Around?

This month, we’re putting special ops volunteer Jeremy Gillow in the spotlight!

Carson Serval looking at the viewer.When his job relocated him from Florida to North Carolina back in 2009, Jeremy wanted to continue volunteering at an animal facility with big cats. He had previously volunteered for a short while at a wildlife sanctuary in Florida, and found it very rewarding. An officer of the Feline Conservation Federation — an organization that he had joined in college — suggested the Conservators Center…and the rest is history.

He comes back day after day because it’s a healthy escape — both physically and mentally — from his desk job. Here at the Center, there are always projects that need to be completed for the ultimate benefit of the animals, so we’re certainly able to keep Jeremy busy and energized! In fact, we call Jeremy our “special ops ninja.” He seamlessly integrates with our maintenance and animal husbandry departments to do a lot, like landscaping and other tasks.

“My favorite thing about volunteering at the center is the flexibility and sense of community,” Jeremy says. “As a long-term volunteer I’ve seen people come and go over the years, but the core group of staff and volunteers still feels like an extended family.”

Jeremy also has family in the form of Carson Serval, for whom he is a Lifetime Adopter. According to Jeremy, our favorite big-nosed serval boy “is a very sweet cat” — something we’re not surprised to hear!

We’re grateful for Jeremy’s dedication to both the Conservators Center and to the breathtakingly handsome Carson Serval. Thank you, Jeremy!