Now's The Best Time To Buy Howl-O-Ween Tickets! - Conservators Center
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23 August 2017
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23 September 2017

Now's The Best Time To Buy Howl-O-Ween Tickets!

Fall is steadily approaching…which means we’re about to celebrate Howl-O-Ween

at the Conservators Center! Tickets are on sale now for two of our special

seasonal tours.

For Families

Looking for something unique to do with the kids? Want to trick or treat with Arthur Tiger and Trekkie Wolf?

Our Trick or Treat tours are just right for families looking for a delightful October activity! Grab your Jedi, pirate, and princess costumes and come on out to the Center any weekend in October starting the 14th-15th. You and your little ghouls and goblins will:

  • learn about the tricks animals use to survive in the wild;
  • snack on yummy Howl-O-Ween treats around the park, and
  • meet Fiona Fennec and Popcorn Binturong, the Conservators Center’s lovable, goofy mascots.

Tours last one hour.

Purchase tickets for Trick or Treat today!

For Adults

If you’re older and want an eerie night outing, our Legends & Lore tours are the best alternative to a haunted house in North Carolina:

  • Meet our animals in the dark;
  • learn about the myths and legends that have surrounded their species for centuries, and
  • discover how humans have viewed predators as much through story as science.

This tour lasts one hour and concludes with hot chocolate around a campfire. Ages fourteen and up only!

Reserve your spot now to tour our park under the shadow of the moon . . .