A Spotlight On One of Casper's Biggest (And Most Hardworking) Fans - Conservators Center
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3 February 2017
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7 October 2017

A Spotlight On One of Casper's Biggest (And Most Hardworking) Fans

This month we’re spotlighting Jordan Gannon, a fantastic animal care volunteer!

Jordan’s dedication to animals has been clear since childhood: growing up, she spent every summer at horse camp and volunteered at animal shelters.

Working with animals had always been her dream job; in college, she entered Pre-Med, but wasn’t happy with it. However, after a tour with Julia, our assistant director, Jordan was absolutely blown away by the animals and Julia’s passion for them. Jordan immediately changed her major to organism biology and soon after began to volunteer.

“My favorite things about volunteering are getting to talk with the animals, learning new things, and being surrounded by people who are passionate about the same things I am,” Jordan tells us.

And her favorite animal?

Casper Arctic Fox!

“I am obsessed with him; I think he is so adorable,” Jordan says. “There is just something about putting a single berry in his bowl when I prepare his food in the morning that warms my heart.”

Thank you for all that you do, Jordan — and we’re sure Casper would thank you if he could, too!