Will The Friendliest Tiger EVER Blow Your Mind This Autumn?
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19 June 2017
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17 September 2017

Arthur Tiger is the friendliest tiger ever. Photo by Kim Pyne.

Will The Friendliest Tiger EVER Blow Your Mind This Autumn?

Our Arthur Tiger is the most fascinating part of autumn in North Carolina, hands down. No questions asked. End of story!

And you and your family can visit him. Which is good, because we know it’s hard to find something novel to do with the kids at this time of year.

Fairs are cool. Trick-or-treating is great. Family hikes on the Appalachian Trail are stellar. But you want an activity that checks off all the ‘mom’ boxes:

  • It’s educational
  • hands-on
  • outdoors
  • …for a good cause
  • …and fun.

That’s where Arthur, the friendliest tiger ever, comes in.

Arthur Tiger kisses Kira Lioness because he's the friendliest tiger ever.

Arthur Tiger loves his Kira Lioness more than anything in the universe (including crunchy fall leaves). Awww.

An Extremely Gentle and Polite 450-Pound Little Brother

Let’s talk about Arthur for a second.

Arthur Tiger lives here at the Conservators Center with his roommate and adopted older sister, Kira Lioness. Though he’s almost double her size, he snuggles her, grooms her, and listens to her grumbling discipline if he’s being pesky. When he plays with her, he stops when she gets annoyed with him.

Yes, though he’s a massive carnivore, he’s considerate. Kira has bad hips as a result of a cubhood injury sustained at her previous home, and Arthur always keeps that in mind. He knows.

Whoa, right?

We can’t even begin to explain our tiger boy’s incredible friendliness, either. Trust us when we say he’s a cool dude.

Because unless he’s taking his afternoon nap — and that’s always a possibility! — you can see the excitement in his expression when visitors come down the Conservators Center tour path. He’s a people-tiger. He’s the life of the party. Most of all, he’s outgoing and thrives on attention.

So: want to bring the kids to meet the very singular Arthur?

Duh. Of course.

Your best chance to see him at his mind-blowingly Arthur-iest is this autumn.

Arthur Tiger, the friendliest tiger ever, <3s pumpkins. Original photo by Kathy Patterson.

Arthur Tiger: “I have a great need…for PUMPKIN SPICE!”

How Arthur Tiger Will Make The End Of Your Year Unforgettable

First, you can trick-or-treat with him.

Grab your pirate and princess costumes and come on down to the Conservators Center this October. You and your family can greet the friendliest tiger ever…and our other super-cool animals…on a Trick or Treat tour of our park.

Yes, we have 80 other critters. But Arthur’s definitely one of the most fascinating to watch.

He likes new things in his environment. As does Kira Lioness. He’ll find costumed humans in front of his enclosure as intriguing as you’ll find him. You’ll likely get to look him right in the eye.

You’ll learn about him, too, as will your kids. Why does he get along so well with a lion? What’s that weird ‘chuffle’-like noise he makes?

All this while grabbing some yummy Halloween treats…and supporting us. We’re a nonprofit, and the money you spend to have fun with us goes directly to the care of our animals.

So cool.

Also, you can make toys for him.

Our Pumpkin Prowl event on November 11th is the one chance you’ll have to carve pumpkin toys for our animals — including Arthur. And best of all, we provide the pumpkins, paint, and other supplies.

You just come with the little ones, cut out silly faces in some squash, and then watch when our keepers give Arthur and his buddies the pumpkins that you decorated.

Honestly, if you’ve never seen a tiger bounce from platform to platform licking whipped cream out of jack-o-lanterns — and we bet you haven’t — you’re totally missing out.

All of our residents are unique. But Arthur’s energy during Pumpkin Prowl is truly something to behold. He gets a twinkle in his little blue eyes…

Arthur Tiger, the friendliest tiger ever, considers a pumpkin. Original photo by Kathy Patterson.

Arthur Tiger: “I’mma get you, pumpkin, if it’s the last thing I do.”

It’s Never Been Easier To Meet The Friendliest Tiger Ever

So, have we hit all your ‘mom’ requests?

Educationalhands-onoutdoors…for a good cause…and fun.

Oh, yes.

Arthur Tiger will blow your mind this fall.

We think you’ll have a blast meeting this incredible tiger boy, which is why we highly encourage you to purchase tickets today for a Trick or Treat tour, or for the Pumpkin Prowl event.

Chelsea Eckert (chelsea@conservatorscenter.org) is the Conservators Center’s communications coordinator. When she is not baby-talking dingoes, wrangling Fiona Fennec Fox, or giggling at our Assistant Director, she types away on the internet for hours at a time hoping to excite more people about the Conservators Center and its astounding creatures.