Summer Fundraising is Nutritious for Your Soul - Conservators Center
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1 June 2017
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23 August 2017

Summer Fundraising is Nutritious for Your Soul

On behalf of our wolves, tigers, lions, and other critters, the Conservators Center needs YOUR help in finalizing our crucial new Nutrition Center!

Ensuring our animals’ continued happiness starts with our keepers. Every single one of our critters has special needs, from our little fennecs (who like their food diced into itty-bitty pieces) to our old, distinguished men and ladies (who often need extra supplements). Our keepers prep all this—and more—every single day. They need a proper Nutrition Center to work from, don’t you think?

Right now, your help is critical for stocking the new building with all of the needed items to make the Nutrition Center fully functional! Our keepers can’t work in an empty space, after all! We need to purchase stainless steel shelves, bins, tables, hose reels … perhaps not the most glamorous of items, but when you see upbeat keepers and upbeat animals, you’ll be glad we have the ‘small stuff.’

Our current Nutrition Center—more often called the Field Kitchen—is an old shed with a crooked door. It’s served its purpose over the last decade, but we definitely need to grow and mature as an organization. (Also, it’s kind-of strange looking.) To learn more about this fundraiser and to contribute, please visit our campaign.

As always, we are grateful for any help!