Want a daily oofing? - Conservators Center
5 Reasons to Visit the Conservators Center
19 June 2017

Want a daily oofing?

It’s hard to describe the primal sounds you experience at the Conservators Center.

With our new Wild Ringtones, you can just pull out your phone and treat your friends to the sounds of lions oofing, wolves howling, a tiger chuffling, and a jungle cat calling. They’re only $1.29 each, and proceeds benefit our residents.

For an iPhone, you can purchase the ringtones on your phone through the iTunes store on. Use the search function and enter “Conservators Center.”

wildRingtone_hexaForestFor an Android or Windows phone, you can purchase the ringtones through our online store.

Our ringtones were created by two wonderful volunteers, Wendy Beasley and Kevin Robinson.