New Additions to the Family! - Conservators Center
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28 August 2016

News From the Center

We are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed two new residents to the Center!

beardingo_robinson04506Bear arrived at the Center in July 2016 after completing his role in a dingo breeding program. Though still young, Bear’s genetics were well-represented and it was time for him to retire. He came to the Conservators Center to live out his life in happy companionship with his littermate, Melly. On his first night here, Bear was a bit nervous about the large lion brothers in the next enclosure. However, within a day or two, Bear began working to drown out the lions’ oofing (calling) with his own howling!

DSC_0123Sweetness, a New Guinea Singing Dog, arrived at the Center in July 2016 from another facility. We’d been working with two New Guinea Singing Dog conservation groups to locate just the right companion for Marlin Singing Dog, who retired to the Center from the San Diego Zoo in late 2014. The conservation groups suggested Sweetness because they thought her exuberant nature would be a good fit for outgoing Marlin and their central location on the tour route. Once introduced, Sweetness and Marlin bonded quickly…particularly after Marlin agreed to let Sweetness be the boss! Both Singers are very playful and adore attention and visitors.