Roar With Lions From 5 Feet Away! Take a Tour of our Zoological Park!

Visit over 20 species of animals wildly up close

On a tour of our zoological park, you’ll walk the three-quarter-mile path with a highly-trained guide and gain an understanding of each species’ ecological importance. You’ll also get to know each animal’s individual personality and story. We’re about reconnecting you to wildlife—so every tour is a conversation.

Public Tours

Looking for an amazing adventure? Meet our animal residents wildly up close! Available on weekends and select holidays.

Private Tours

Looking for a more intimate experience? Come on a private tour of the park or meet a big cat; host a birthday or anniversary party, or come on a Photo Safari.

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Our next Girl Scout Day is approaching in September. Fall also heralds the arrival of Pumpkin Prowl, followed in January by Tree Toss Every season brings something unique to the Center!

Muraco Bobcat at Tree Toss 2018!


Come on a Wild Field Trip with your students; bring your social group, college club, or scouts on a group tour. You can even camp overnight!

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