Wild Field Trips

Wild field trips at the Conservators Center are designed to meet NC Standard Course of Study science goals and objectives.  Each field trip is tailored to the topics you are covering in your classroom.  See below a partial list of the topics that we can cover during your tour.

Grade Level Objectives

  • Kindergarten: Compare the structure, growth, changes, movement and basic needs of our animals.
  • 1st Grade: Review basic needs of animals (air, water, space, food, and shelter); how animals get what they need from their environment; and ways that people protect the environment and help the animals that live there.
  • 2nd Grade: Learn about animal life cycles; and similarities and differences between parents and offspring, and variation among related animals.
  • 4th Grade: Cover effects of environmental changes on animals, characteristics that give animals an advantage in their environment, & behaviors that help animals survive in their environments.
  • 5th Grade: Compare the characteristics of several common ecosystems; Classify the organisms within an ecosystem; discuss the effects that may result from the interconnected relationship of plants and animals to their ecosystem.
Explore concepts of biology, Earth and environmental science, and conservation as they relate to your classroom curriculum. Discuss the impact of humans on ecosystems and the plants and animals within them.

 How To Schedule Your School Field Trip to the Center

In order to ensure we can accommodate your group on your preferred date, please plan to schedule at least 2 months in advance.

To book a tour for your group, please have the following ready:

  • 3-4 potential dates as well as timing preferences
  • The number of adults, and students that will be in your party
  • The grade level of the students
  • Does anyone in your group have special needs?  (We want to ensure the best possible experience for all of our guests and if we know ahead of time, we are better able to do this.)
  • A golf cart with up to 3 seats is available for those who are not physically able to walk the 3/4 mile crushed gravel tour path.  
  • The topics you would like our tour guides to cover on your tour.  Our tours are meant to reinforce your classroom goals and objectives so please be specific about what items in the NC Standard Course of Study you want us to cover.  

Jungle in a Box

Any public school teacher can check out this awesome classroom resource from the Alamance County Public Library. The Conservators Center’s Jungle in a Box is full of materials for teachers, including sample lesson plans, hands-on items, and biofacts to introduce or reinforce your Wild Field Trip experience.

Learning Can Continue After Your Field Trip!

  • We provide tools to ensure your adventure continues back in the classroom upon request:
  • Classroom extension activities
  • Vocabulary specific to your grade level and field trip
  • Follow up questions to incorporate in your follow up lesson plans

Field Trip Costs

There is a minimum cost of $200 (plus tax) for Field Trips during the week for up to 25 people, after which it costs $8 for each additional person (age 3+).


All fees are subject to tax at a rate of 6.75%. For the definite cost for your group, please be sure to ask for an invoice once you have scheduled your tour. *Two chaperones per every 25 students may attend a Group Tour free of charge.

Note: These rates are for private, public, and home school students only. Pre-K through 12th grade. For all other types of groups, please see Group Tours.

If you need to cancel or change your tour time, you must give us 72 hours notice by emailing fieldtrips@conservatorscenter.org. If you do not provide 72-hour notice of cancellation or if you do not show up for your scheduled tour, you will waive your deposit.

All tour participants are required to complete a release form. Minors are required to have their form signed by their legal guardian, or they will not be permitted to join the tour.  Please make sure both sides of the form are completed.

Please consider check-in activities when planning your arrival time, and allow ample time for check-in and any necessary visits to the bathroom facilities prior to the start time of your tour. Please note that we do have limited bathroom facilities that can accommodate a limited number of people at one time.


Transform Their Whole Perspective


Field Trip Reservation Form

Upon submitting the form SUCCESSFULLY, you will be redirected to a confirmation page! If you don't see the confirmation page and have a copy of your form in your email, then we did not receive the form. Please check all required field above!

Accessibility, Safety, and Pets

The Conservators Center's park is not wheelchair accessible; however, accessibility accommodations are available for visitors with mobility issues. Please note that we do not allow unauthorized vehicles, including scooters or motorized wheelchairs, in the park. You can find more information about disability accommodations and handicapped access in the Tour FAQ on our Plan Your Visit page. Please note that strollers are also not permitted in the park.

If you are planning to visit the Center, please take a moment to review our park information and tour waiver. If you'd like, you can also print the waiver and photography release forms to fill out and complete prior to arrival. Waivers and release forms will also be available in the gift shop for visitors to complete during the check-in process.

For safety reasons, the Conservators Center does not allow visitors to bring pets on site. Any visitor who brings an animal to the Center will be asked to leave immediately. We do not allow visitors to leave animals unattended in a vehicle at any time of year.