Special Events & Seasonal Tours

Tours of the Conservators Center during the spring and summer months are an amazing opportunity to awaken your wild side and reconnect with wildlife. But have you ever seen a white tiger set against a backdrop of orange and red autumn leaves? Ever bundled up against the chill to see gray wolves celebrating their favorite time of year by bouncing happily through their habitat? Ever seen the steam coming from a lion’s mouth as he calls to a cold winter evening?

The holiday seasons are just a little bit furrier at the Conservators Center. We are delighted to offer you specially themed opportunities to visit our residents throughout the year.

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Winter in the Wild

Kira Lion with Icy Trees

Winter evenings are an amazing time to visit the critters at the the Conservators Center. As the weather grows cooler, our lions, tigers, and wolves don their beautiful, thick coats and are energized by the brisk temperatures. They become even more active as the sun sets, and call out to one another as the winter moon rises in the sky.

Join us in celebrating the season with our animal residents by coming on a Winter in the Wild tour at the Conservators Center!  Finish up with complementary hot chocolate in the warm gift shop.

Starting December 3rd, on select evenings! 

Tree Toss

Photo by Stephanie Butzer.

When you’re facing the after-holiday blues after packing up the decorations and taking down the tree, never fear. The holidays come in January at the Conservators Center! Come celebrate the new year in a thrilling, unique way at our annual Tree Toss event.

Tree Toss is a much-anticipated event that has become a tradition for our wild family. Each year, the friendly folks at Cranberry Tree Farm donate their unsold trees to the Center, and we give them to our animals as a special form of holiday enrichment. The strong scent of the pine and scratchy texture drives them wild! If you’ve never see animals tussling with holiday trees, opening presents, and playing with toys, don’t miss this chance.

Coming on January 7th & January 21st! 

Pumpkin Prowl

Calvin Lion adores Pumpkin Prowl! (Photo by Stephanie Butzer)

Pumpkins are a hot commodity in the autumn. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin seeds to pumpkin spiced lattes, everyone wants to get their paws on them. But no one knows pumpkins better than our critters!

Grab a coat and a friend, and join us in November 2017  for our annual Pumpkin Prowl, the most unique and thrilling way to celebrate autumn in North Carolina!)


Girl Scout Days

A Fabulously Fun Day Devoted to Meeting Wild Animals Up Close!
Coming up April 1st, 2017!  

We have one or two Girl Scout Days each year.    Spend an exciting day with Girl Scouts from around the state:

  • meeting friendly and fascinating animals from as close as 5 feet away;
  • participating in an information scavenger hunt for facts (some serious and some silly) about the Center and our animal residents while you meet them on your walkabout;
  • creating toys for critters and crafts for yourself;
  • examining real fur, paw castings, and claw sheaths from our residents;
  • playing games;
  • making and eating s’mores;
  • and making new friends

Been to Girl Scout Day before? We have new games, new stations, and new animal residents to meet since last year. This event is guaranteed to be a fantastic time for all Girl Scouts, whether it’s your first visit or your fifth!